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A Guide on Making Kratom Stronger by The Use of Potentiator

Kratom is a herb that has been in use for many years because of the medicinal value that it has. When you take kratom, you will have elevated mood, feel relaxed, and get relieved from any pain that you are experiencing. It has become popular for the people to mix kratom and potentiators. The objective of including a potentiator is because it is going to make the kratom stronger.

Mixing potentiators with the kratom have many benefits. First and the greatest benefit is that it will prevent tolerance. If you want to make the herm more effective then you should potentiate it. Potentiating is going to save you money because the effects of the herb will last for longer and therefore you will use it fewer times in a day. The best potentiators are natural.

One of the best combinations is kratom and coffee. The caffeine in coffee is the one which will be responsible for potentiating the kratom. With this combination, you are going to see a lot of changes. Caffeine is also crucial because it enhances your wellbeing as well make you alert.

In the case you are tolerant to the use of kratom, then you should consider potentiating it with magnesium. Magnesium is helpful because it will ensure that the receptors that cause tolerance are inactive. Tolerance to kratom should worry you because it means that for you to get your desired effects, you will be required to take a high level of the kratom powder.

If you want the kratom to be strong, then you should take it on an empty stomach. There is no doubt that the aroma will be powerful when your stomach is empty. Kratom cannot be effectively be absorbed in your stomach in the case you have eaten. The idea here is not to fast or starve yourself. However, you should ensure that there is ample time before the time you take food and kratom.

Grapefruit is another option that can help in potentiating the kratom. The fruit is going to break the kratom powder because it has enzymes. You are going to have a strong effect because the broken powder is going to last in the body for a long time. In a glass, you are supposed to mix the grapefruit juice and then kratom powder.

Adding kratom to the turmeric is going to make the effect last longer. If you want the effects to last longer; you may also consider chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is best if you use it with the red branches of the kratom tree. Watercress may not be powerful, but it will change the effects that the kratom has on your body. There are many potentiators that you can use with kratom. While deciding on the potentiator, take time.

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